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Hotel Mühlenthal offers pure relaxation for hikers.

Hiking enthusiasts take note, dream loops and premium hiking trails are the most beautiful certified hiking trails in Saarland. Whether it's the Felsenweg, Gipfeltour, Schluchtenpfad, Panoramaweg, Erzgräberweg, Mühlenpfad, Bach- und Biberpfad, Grenzlandweg or Schmugglerpfad: they all promise an interesting and varied landscape.

Our 3-star superior house offers you a pleasant stay, a rich breakfast, friendly service and excellent regional cuisine. Of course, we will provide you with all information and maps.

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Dream Loop Litermont Summit Tour

An eventful mix of nature adventure and nature enjoyment: wild and romantic stream landscapes, rugged gorges, moonstones, willow dome, summit climbs, frog paradise, Devil's Gorge, Maldix Poacher Trail, distant views. A hiking trail of superlatives, with steep, rope-secured passages on the ascent to the Litermont. A trail with an intense density of experiences.

A more than varied hiking trail awaits you, through a frog paradise, many spring and stream areas, wildly romantic paths. Diverse forest formations and always great views, as well as steep passages on the rocks of the Litermont massif, which are secured with thick ropes. At the summit, you can expect grandiose views over the Saar Valley as far as France, as well as an optical telegraph station and - unique in southwest Germany - a willow dome where weddings take place.

The trail was rated 94 points by the German Hiking Institute.

With the following link from the Saarland Tourist Office you will receive all information and geo-data of the dream loop: Information about Litermont Summit Tour






Dream Loop Vauban Steig

Experience the Saargau in a different way. The hiking trail does not run over the heights of the Gau between Saarland and Lorraine, but mostly on narrow forest paths through shady acacia forests. In the deep forest you can find the "Three Capuchins", a well-known Gallo-Roman rock relief, carved in sandstone. The view from the Teufelsburg into the Saar valley is unique.

Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban - the Marquis, born in 1633, became world-famous as the legendary fortress builder of the Sun King Louis XIV and is today rightly considered the most important military architect of the Baroque era. One of his masterpieces: the ingenious Saarlouis flood fortress in the Saaraue. Its history begins on the Saarlouiser Gau, on whose steep slopes from 1680 between Teufelsburg and Humburg the mighty stone blocks for the later fortress town were broken. Over the centuries the quarries of that time have become small natural gems - forgotten, overgrown, enchanted.

The Saarlouiser Vauban-Steig is now opening up it again, combining the seemingly endless expanse of the Franco-German Gaulandschaft high above the Saar valley with an attractive route and directing the view of hikers to an interesting epoch of history.

The trail was rated 70 adventure points by the German hiking institute.

With the following link from the Saarland Tourist Office you will receive all information and geo-data of the dream loop: Information about the Vauban-Steig

Dream loop Waldzeit

From the starting point at the sports centre in Hülzweiler, the trail leads past the forest chapel through the beautiful Schwalbach forest. The area is characterised by the mining industry, and within easy reach of the trail you will find relics of this period, such as the "Neyschacht" shaft built in 1936. As you continue towards Krickelsberg, you can enjoy views towards the Elm and stroll through an enchanted avenue in the forest. The Krickelsberg tower rewards with sweeping panoramas of the surrounding countryside.

In the extensive forest area around the Krickelsberg, you hike for a while on charming paths before you reach the next highlight of the trail with the "Dreibannstein", built in 1757. Here you find yourself at the crossroads of the former borders of Lorraine, the immediate Reichsbann and the county of Nassau-Saarbrücken.

A short time later, the Kneipp facility "Auf Schwarscht" invites you to take a relaxing rest and tread water. Past the Schoenstatt chapel on the outskirts of Hülzweiler, the route then heads towards Waldsee, a real gem in the municipality of Schwalbach. Not far away is the Hülzweiler open-air theatre, one of the largest of its kind in southwest Germany. With a bit of luck, you might be able to attend a play or concert here - or simply enjoy a picnic in the audience area with an incomparable panoramic view of the stage. There is no better way to end a hike.

The trail was rated by the German Hiking Institute with 63 experience points.

With the following link of the Saarland Tourist Board you will receive all information as well as geo-data of the dream loop: Information about the dream loop Waldzeit

Saarschleife im Nebel



Dinner tour Saarschleife

Over the ridge around which the Saar flows, the path leads through the forest to the mountain spur and the Montclair castle ruins. Montclair Castle, first mentioned in a document in 1168, was one of the most imposing castles in Germany and was considered impregnable. In 1351 it was captured after a long siege and then razed.

The bank of the Saar below the castle ruins is part of the Saarschleife landscape park. The ferry "Welles" can be rung with a bell. The only ferry in Saarland brings hikers and cyclists safely to the other side of the Saar.

In the nature reserve of the Steinbach Valley, the route runs over a number of wooden bridges and many steps. It's steadily going up. The foliage of the trees hardly allows sunlight to penetrate into the narrow Kerbtal. Thick mosses grow on mighty rock formations and on the surrounding dead wood. It is breathtakingly quiet in the valley.

The view from the Cloef viewpoint of Germany's most beautiful bend in the river is particularly impressive from the platform of the treetop path. The way back to Mettlach leads over rushing stones and rocky terrain to several vantage points with picturesque views of the Saar valley and the wooded ridge with the Montclair castle ruins.

The trail was rated 82 adventure points by the German Hiking Institute.

With the following link from the Saarland Tourist Office, you can get all the information and geo-data for the table tour: Information about the dinner tour -Saarschleifen

Dream loop Mühlenbach gorge tour

A good mix of short and long forest passages alternating with small and larger meadow passages. The highlight of the hike is the route through the Mühlenbach gorge over stairs, footbridges and bridges.

The entrance portal of the Mühlenbach Gorge Tour is just a stone's throw from the parking lot at the Saarwald Association's refuge. After a short passage through the forest, a narrow meadow path follows. Shady forest passages alternating with forest and meadow fringes follow alternately through the gently hilly landscape.

A meadow path leads into the accessible Mühlenbach gorge. The elemental force with which the Mühlenbach has dug itself into the sandstone becomes visible here. You can follow the windings of the Mühlenbach stream from several viewing platforms. Only the sound of the brook can be heard. Dippers offer an entertaining spectacle on their flight through the gorge.

After crossing the Vorderen Weierkopf forest, the Marienkapelle stands at the Rotwäldchen above Saarwellingen. It was built in 1950 by Saarwellingen men who, with the construction of the chapel, set a sign of a happy return from the Second World War. From the benches in front of the chapel a wide view of the country, in front of us the first houses of Saarwellingen behind it rises the Litermont, on the left the mountain dump of Ensdorf and behind it the mountain ranges rising from the Saar valley into the Saargau with the transmitter masts of Europe 1. </ P >

The trail was rated 63 adventure points by the German Hiking Institute.

With the following link from the Saarland Tourist Office you will receive all information and geo-data of the dream loop: Information about the Mühlenbach gorge tour



We have been awarded

The German Hiking Association sets nationwide quality standards with the "Quality Host Wanderable Germany". Together with competent partners in the regions, particularly hiker-friendly accommodations and restaurants in Germany are awarded.

This is also the case with our beautifully located Hotel Mühlenthal. We meet all 23 core criteria as well as other desired electoral criteria. The criteria were checked on site by experienced experts trained by the German Hiking Association.

We have summarized the most important criteria for you below:

  • Our house is located in an attractive hiking region and is right next to a network of marked hiking trails
  • You can dry your equipment and clothes in our boiler room
  • You will receive a healthy and balanced hiking breakfast
  • You can get all maps, hiking and weather information at our reception
  • On request, we also offer a shuttle service
  • Our rooms can be booked directly online
  • If necessary, we will be happy to give you suggestions for routes and sights tailored to your wishes

Tip: Hiking in a group

For groups we offer a free double room for the right of way. The organiser or tour guide has the opportunity to get to know our house and our cuisine. The sights and the hiking tours can thus be previewed during the pre-drive.

On the day of arrival, we will welcome you to a welcome drink and the Haas family will give you a warm welcome to the Hotel Mühlenthal.